Working Out Together With Your Partner

When you think about working out, you probably think only about the physiological aspect of it. Maybe you go a little bit deeper with "A sound mind in a sound body". Regardless of it, you are most likely using your training in the gym as a possibility to escape from your work, your life and your relationship. So, it's unlikely that you've ever thought about hitting the gym together with your partner. And you wrong about it.

It turns out that working out together with your partner improves your sex life. All in all, couples that are working out together on a regular basis enjoy more fulfilled lovemaking. According to recent studies around 70% of men and over 60% of women claim that working out as a couple boosted their sexual drive and, thus, improved their sexual life. Now, let's figure out how exactly hitting the gym together impact your sexual life.

You Are More Desirable

Oh, but doesn't "the beauty lies in lover's eyes?". Yes it does, but we are not talking about being more attractive to your partner per se. Putting it as simple as possible, we would get something like – the more you work out, the more sexy you feel. And let's be honest, you are not that much into sex, when you consider yourself ugly and fat. According to the study conducted by the University of Arkansas, around 80% of men and 70% of women find themselves more desirable and more attractive after exercising three or four times a week together with your partner. And the more sexy you feel, the more eager you are to have sex.

You Are More Potent

Now let's be honest, what is the greatest fear of every men? That's right – impotency. And if you start experiencing problems with maintaining your erection, you are getting paranoid that your partner is going to leave you. But you can easily solve this problem, and there is no need to take pills. All you need is to stop your inactive way of life and start working out. And working out together with your partner is even more efficient when it comes to improving your potency. According to the survey conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, men who exercise together with their partner are lowering the risk of impotency up to 30%.

You Have More Orgasms

It turns out that working out together not only improves your sexual performance. When you are hitting the gym together, you are most likely to have more orgasms than you had before. According to different studies the number of orgasms rise from 25% to 30% thanks to working out together with your partner.

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