Shuttlecock Federation of Europe Supports Fair Play
People play to participate and enjoy the game – two considerations that are often more important than winning. Bending the rules and foul play are unsporting and ruin the enjoyment for all involved. Coaches, players, referees and supporters all have a role in upholding the principles of fair play.

Fair play, a healthy competitive spirit and an injury-free environment are key to participation and enjoyment – and that’s why sporting rules and codes have been designed. Before you start playing, make sure you know the rules of the game and are willing to abide by them.

Rules....Drugs in sport

The misuse of drugs to enhance sports performance is wrong for three important reasons:
•  It contravenes the code of fair play.
•  It is breaking the laws of sport and society.
•  It carries the risk of serious health problems and the risk of injury.
Coaches and players have joint responsibility to keep sport free from drugs.

Everyone has a role

If the game gets out of control, play can become reckless and dangerous – and increase the potential for injury. Play your part – play fair.

Remember, many referees are volunteers and need your support by respecting their decisions. Bending the rules is cheating.

Referees should:

• Be trained in the game’s rules and applying them fairly and consistently
• Encourage fair play
• Always be firm but friendly
• Help players to understand the rules
• Enforce disciplinary action appropriate to the level of misconduct.

Players should:

• Understand the rules before starting the game
• Play fair and within the game’s rules
• Respect the referee’s call by not challenging their decision
• Respect their opponents.

Coaches should:
• Emphasise the guidelines of fair play to all players
• Make sure all players know the rules
• Accept all calls by the referee and not trying to influence them
• Speak out against violence, poor behaviour and cheating
• Respect the officials and their decisions.

Parents/supporters should:
• Respect the referees and their decisions
• Encourage the players to play fair
• Support their team positively.

Good sport is about positive attitude
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