Shuttlecock-Europe Shuttlecock Federation of Europe News en-us Sat, 31 Jan 2009 09:09:19 GMT Sat, 31 Jan 2009 09:09:19 GMT pMachine 2.4 90 Shuttlecock-Europe Shuttlecock Federation of Europe News The 6th World Shuttlecock Championships The Official Invitation for The 6th World Shuttlecock Championships just published by the Vietnam Shuttlecock Association. The 6th World Shuttlecock Championships will be staged in Hanoi City of Vietnam from June 05 to 10, 2009. All International Shuttlecock Federation members and other interested countries and regions are welcome to send teams to participate. The 6th Executive Committee Meeting & Congress of the International Shuttlecock Federation will take place at the same... Fri, 16 Jan 2009 07:50:26 GMT Serbian Santa Claus Cup The succesfull European Championships give the Serbian shuttlecock a stimulus. In Horgos City and Magyarkanizsa City two new shuttlecock Athletic clubs were founded. Also a lot of children have started playing Shuttlecock Sport in the older clubs. So the Serbians organize the first ever Santa Claus Cup. Wed, 31 Dec 2008 19:02:36 GMT Season ends in Hungary In autumn beside the European Championship Hungary concentrated on national championships. From the youngest to the most practised players everbody struggled for the titles and medals in different age groups. 8th National Championship in double events Champions: Men’s double: Himmer János, Kleics Dávid (Borjád SE) Women’s double: Kapás Ágnes, Varga Rita (Újszászi VVSE) Women’s double: Kapás Ágnes, Tóth Gábor (Újszászi VVSE) Thu, 11 Dec 2008 10:56:19 GMT 4th Carpathian Basin Cup We just informed about the 4th Carpathian Basin Cup, Shuttlecock Sport Cup. The cup was organized on 25-26th October in Újszász where Hungarian youngsters from 4 countries played the shuttlecock sport. Players from Királyhelmec (Slovakia), Királyhalom (Serbia), Sepsiszentgyörgy (Romania) and Jánoshida, Nagykanizsa, Szepetnek, Újszász (Hungary) participated at the two days long competition which is one of the most favorite Sports in the country. On October 25th the team event took place. Fri, 21 Nov 2008 14:50:41 GMT 3rd European Shuttlecock Championship The 2008 year’s European championship took place in a Serbian village, Backi Vinogradi. The local organizers leading by Dobák Róbert with the assistance of the Hungarian Shuttlecock Association have organized a successful competition. The championship was participated by eight countries. The most successful was Hungary that won 6 gold and 1 silver medals. The team of Germany won 1 gold 5 silver and a bronze, while Finland has 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. The most surprising was... Wed, 12 Nov 2008 08:49:17 GMT SFE Assembly During the European Chamnpionship the Shuttlecock Federation of Europe holds its general assembly on 8th November in Backi Vinogradi. They discussed different subjects. The delegates of the participant countries reported their work, results and difficulties on the field of shuttlecock. The assembly affiliated new SFE members such as Austria, Bulgaria, England, Italy and Poland. Tue, 14 Oct 2008 08:52:25 GMT 3rd European Championships The president of the Serbian Shuttlecock Federation, Mr. Dobák Róbert announced the 3rd European Shuttlecock Championships’ in Bački Vinogradi /Királyhalom/ (Serbia) 7-9th November 2008. All countries are requested to confirm their participations (indicating events and number of participants) before October 20th,2008. Arrival: 6th November 2008, Departure: 10th November 2008. Travel expenses to Bački Vinogradi shall be borne by the participants themselves. During the... Thu, 02 Oct 2008 19:17:17 GMT 13th Hungarian Open 13th Hungarian Open International Shuttlecock Championship took place in Újszász from 9th to 12th August 2008. 192 players from 10 different countries participated at the competitons. In the framework ot the project “Sport for Friendship and European Citizenship” a great cultural and sport event was organized, which is supported by the European Commission Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. During the program there were sport and multicultural events, concert,... Thu, 02 Oct 2008 18:42:03 GMT Hungarian national championships After succesfull Organizing the 5thWorld Shuttlecock Championships in Szolnok; the Hungarian Shuttlecock Association started the Hungarian national championships of age groups followed each other from October 20th to November 18th, 2007. <b>Youth National Championship (16-19 years), 20th October, Nagykanizsa, 71 participants</b> Men’s single: Kleics Dávid (Borjád SE) Women’s single: Budavölgyi Veronika (Nagykanizsa ZSE) Men’s team: Bogár László, Nózsi Péter, Takács... Tue, 20 Nov 2007 07:13:58 GMT The German Open was dominated by the Hungarians By Axel Krüger The men's team of Nagykanisza, Hungary, and a German women's team consisting of players from Haspe and Cronenberg respectively won the men's and women's competition of this year's German Open Shuttlecock Championship, held at Lippstadt. Joining forces enabled German women shuttlecock players to a surprise win in the women's competition. Facing the opposition of six Hungarian women teams, Silke von Rüden and Betül Günay of Cronenberger BC and Diana Ruttar and Anja von... Mon, 05 Nov 2007 06:57:00 GMT